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Embark on Unforgettable Road Tours along the World's Finest Driving Roads, Showcasing Incredible Cars. Elevate your next Driving Holiday with us.

Curated for the love of driving...

Beautiful Sunset

Embark on a
unique exploration of destinations like never before.

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Countryside Road

Discover the Beauty of Uncharted Paths: Exploring the Road Less Traveled

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Indulge in opulence, exhilaration, and exploration with Exclusive Experiences. Founded by visionary explorer Paul, our tale embodies passion, elegance, and excellence. Across cobblestone European streets and awe-inspiring Australian landscapes, our curated road tours redefine travel's essence.

Journey and destination harmonize at Exclusive Experiences. Crafted roads lead through iconic routes, where each twist becomes a symphony of excitement. Slide into a Porsche, symbolizing elegance and performance, as landscapes stir your soul.

Beyond opulence lies Paul's tireless passion. A car aficionado, he hunts the world's best driving roads, fueling our curation of tours that resonate with your inner thrill-seeker. Paint your adventure on unparalleled landscapes.

Mr. Kurian Jose
CEO Marine Hydrocolloids

"We had an amazing experience as it was a well organised and curated road trip full of fun and the best part was the routes we travelled through different terrains which otherwise wouldn’t have seen The hotels we stayed was also good and had the opportunity to meet new friends for life and thank you Paul for the wonderful experience."

Mr. Nibu Mathew 
MD Limerock Hospitality

"Well organised wonder full road trip across Europe."

Mr. Sebastian Panackathottam
Panackathottam Traders

"An Unforgettable Tour Experience!

One of the best tours I have ever experienced. The best part of tour was we get to drive our dream car in a foreign country, we didn't know any rules and was not familiar with the left hand drive but we were in track in a day. It helped us get rid of the fear of driving in a foreign country. The drive through the Alps was so cool. I recommended this guy."

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UB City, Vittal Mallya Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001



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