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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the insurance cover in case of car damage?

The insurance covers damages beyond the excess amount specific for your vehicle. The insurance excess varies based on your selected vehicle. Detailed information about the insurance excess and payment process will be provided once you choose your preferred car.
Is the insurance premium included in the package cost?
Yes, the package cost includes the vehicle insurance premium. However, the insurance excess amount, which is the maximum you'll pay in case of vehicle damage, is not included.


Do I need an International Driver's Permit with my driver’s license?

Yes, we recommend getting an International Driver's Permit along with your original valid Driver's License for legal driving in Australia. However, the requirements are different for each country, and check the legality of your country’s driving license in Australia.


Should I get an international roaming package or a local SIM for my mobile?

We recommend getting a local SIM for faster and better connectivity. Local SIM cards are usually available in the arrivals section of the airport.


Is roadside assistance available for minor issues like a punctured tire or vehicle breakdown?

Yes, vehicle breakdown assistance is included in the package.


How much driving will be involved per day?

On average, you'll be driving between 250 and 300 kilometers per day.


What driving experience do I need for this tour?

Drivers must be at least 25 years old and confident with substantial driving experience. Having held your driver's license for a minimum of five years is preferred but not mandatory.
Will my luggage fit in the car?

Due to limited luggage space, we allow 2 airplane cabin size bags per person. Any additional luggage can be stored at the hotel since the journey starts and ends at the same location. Kindly contact us to understand the luggage space availability in your choice of Vehicle. 


What kind of people typically join these drives?

Our tours attract diverse participants, including groups, families, couples, and senior citizens from various professions and backgrounds, usually aged 30 years and above.

How will participants be grouped in car sharing?

For SUVs, each vehicle accommodates 4 participants. Sportscars are designed for 2 participants per vehicle. If you're selecting a sportscar, please plan to bring a friend along to share the ride, as we can't guarantee the sale of the second seat.

Can I drive a sportscar or supercar without prior experience?
Based on your driving experience, we'll recommend the ideal vehicle for you. As a confident driver with some to no International driving experience, you'll receive a briefing from Porsche staff to familiarise yourself with the car. We're here to address any questions you may have.


If your questions are not answered yet, kindly feel free to contact us.

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